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ad2campaign understands that brands want to reach out an Audience & not just buy inventory. Identifying & procuring the right audience is the first step towards brand building. The Real Time Bidding process makes sure that the audience is reached in an automated manner at the lowest possible cost.

ad2campaign is designed to serve standard & rich media ads across all publishers/ networks to create a uniform experience for the entire campaign. ad2campaign offers pre-designed rich media templates & tools to create new templates with its intuitive ‘drag & drop’ interface.

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ad2campaign is an ‘all-in-one’ platform designed to track & attribute results to the source for brand building & performance campaigns. With ad2campaign dashboard allowing to compare cost & results, ROI measurement was never this easy.


ad2campaign has been built to provide Actionable Analytics so that marketers can close the loop, from spends to revenues, and hence enable a Smarter Procurement strategy based on these performance insights. It provides real-time stats over a highly scalable and robust backend that is big data capable and provides a highly customized made for mobile analytics view.

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About ad2campaign

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The platforms aims to:
i. maximize return on investments for commerce companies
ii. provide actionable analytics & CRM tools for app owners
iii. implement effective audience based strategies for brand owners

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